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보고 싶다 보고 싶다 보고 싶다 보고 싶다 보고 싶다 보고 싶다

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141001 2min ~ Incheon 2014 Asian Para Games Quiz ~  via @ minhoshineeina

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#100thSuperShow Leeteuk ment: Seems like this is the first time I said these words. I wanted to succeed, didn’t want to lose to anybody. So I worked hard like crazy, and at a certain moment, it was really working out like my plans, what I longed for passed by smoothly. When I enlisted, I thought it will pass by quickly! Things that I never thought before happened. I thought of why such things happened to me. What wrong did I do.. (Chokes) I wondered why I was given such a punishment. In those tough times, I thought about if I should end my life. But at that moment, I had family, members, and fans who loved me deeply. Maybe cause of you I could carry on. In the past I was really greedy, SJ can’t lose to other groups, we can’t not get number 1, we can’t not get Daesung, I thought that we have to get it, couldn’t lose the drive. But now I have let it go. Being able to enjoy with members and fans is a very blissful thing too. Like I have found happiness again from everyone, it will be good if fans can also see us find happiness again! Because we are family, right?

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Dongwoon and Jo Kwon. Pre debut and present :)

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Welcome back

Watanabe called, he says this is the actual ending but he got lazy yes

This is how i deal with tragedies, by ignoring reality and making my own because i’m a wet paper towel hahah

you may be thinking, wow this is a really cheesy disney ending, and you are absolutely right, i’m a cheesy person hello (_´ω`)I’m not good at the manga thing i’m sorry this looks awful but i just wanted to get this out quickly before i’m too busy to do it, i hope it helps mend some broken hearts like mine out there (´;ω;`)

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Cameraman needs a raise, after giving that shot….

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